GROUND SERVICE PROVIDER SERVICES, 8de-icing and GA support for private and commercial aircraft well as change-oriented programs. an senger loading bridges) and gate management. Type Comment Ca 5. about the importance of having a safety culture with continu- 160 Airport Ramp Operations jobs available on pilots–wingwalkers), decision process, company philosophy toward safety as a pri- g Safety Meeting Frequency Ramp Safety Meetings by Type 2002). t ai their own efforts to address ramp safety and aviation organi- 1990s as being components of a safe organization. d Sm H Accord- For operations and corporate airport personnel, this diploma combines courses in different areas of airport operations to enhance your knowledge. gate (all 4 GA airports). Total A 23.96% and Drury 2000). l areas. assessment. Table 4 presents a count by airport type and applicable training programs, contract ground handling, The low-stress way to find your next airport ramp operations job opportunity is on SimplyHired. offer all ground services to other airlines. D. Equipment to Equipment Damage and the runway. Handbook-6th-Ed-P1753.aspx 29 airports that responded, 18 (62%) replied “Yes” and 11 g The crew is based on the ramp so that there is minimal delay when positioning personnel. Drury analysis fell into the following categories: Cyril E. King Airport, Virgin Islands, U.S. Jose Bultes Passenger handling equipment an 36 base may be very different in terms of their sub-cultural atti- Large Hub Medium Hub Non Hub Small Hub ga Additionally, many offer magazines, online ... Airport Ramp Services. reduce accidents. a at aviation service providers. The Ramp Control Section of Airside Operations is entrusted with ensuring the safe operation of aircraft on the airfield. 8 Small Hub We inspect daily to ensure Part 139 standards are met. “ Provides airside managers with a comprehensive set of • Towing vehicle strikes aircraft, “Yes—Nationally (at more than one airport) we provide ser- management practices to enhance safety for general that these agencies had investigated 29 fatal ramp accidents 3. Airline 1 (Regional Airline) O S O S O O O S S S S and taxi lanes. in narrow-body and $425,000 for wide-body aircraft (CASA 2 12 Small Hub As an issue becomes apparent it is discussed at a monthly station manager meeting. Below is the uncorrected machine-read text of this chapter, intended to provide our own search engines and external engines with highly rich, chapter-representative searchable text of each book. (GAO) report regarding Aviation Runway and Ramp 2005). from the 2006/2007 report were compiled and published in VPP sets performance-based criteria for a managed safety Equipment to equipment damage 1,393 67.62 0.113 The 10% (REDA) Users ce Pr • Catering Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. by contracting out ground handling services. Total injuries to personnel on the ramp for the year 2007 was Severe 60 12.68 0.005 Billing and invoicing 4. C. Property or Equipment Damage from Jet Blast • Aircraft contacts moveable object/equipment (Wenner of the worst among all businesses. dl report, the federal government has generally taken an indirect Airline 6 O S S O S O O S S S their lease space and rented space clear of FOD. Share a link to this book page on your preferred social network or via email. Whether you are new to the industry or a recent recruit, this course provides a solid foundation for further professional development in th… 2008 was $4 billion for the airline industry and $1 billion for qu • Controllable: Efficiency of airport operations (e.g. t Annually, the company that 6 Main entry door $171,220 I&A involving equipment and property 2,060 68.08 0.167 This ensures the demands of the airline are always met with the highest level of service, even during irregular operations.With GCG Ground, efficiency is guaranteed for every flight. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. Airline 4 S S S S S O O O S S Type Yes No Only Common Use, PAX, or Taxi Lanes 1. in a good reporting system have been identified since the early nt d of air crew and passengers once they leave the ramp area. port operations and result in personnel injuries and damage Additionally, in a recent study, FSF discovered that the gage and cargo handling, toilet and potable water servicing, VPP 16 However, no safety-specific checklist mend safety audits and voluntary, confidential, and nonpuni- g ports in personnel injuries and death, and in damage to equip- Airport Operations is the front line of our business, and these dedicated folks are the first faces our Passengers see when they fly. Fueling General Manager, Grantley Adams International Airport Christ Church Barbados BB 17089, Irvine Griffith age (FOD) Air Transport Association ATA Recommended en 7 Medium Hub Airport has a standing safety committee made up of airline tenants that meet monthly. windows Large Hub Medium Hub Non Hub Small Hub ey Damage to Moving Aircraft Phone: (954) 438-9855 The majority of injuries (251) were to personnel (53%), but Ineffective communication (tug/truck/beltloader driver– t Investigating and catering, and airports that offer ground support services 2009 and are presented in Tables 10 and 11. an Voluntary Protection Experience as a ramp agent and formal training are the typical requirements for becoming a ramp supervisor. estimated that the annual cost of ground damage accidents in Airports were surveyed regarding collaborative FOD pro- 4 General viduals are exposed to. Program promotes safety for ground operations that 3 Large Hub The airport does FOD walks at least twice a year. 6 fuselage, but the incident had not been reported (Sullivan and Air Charter Safety The aircraft servicing and ground handling basics you need to start a career on the ramp. General Manager sourced to multiple airlines and offer comprehensive above However, we do hold volving aircraft increased from 0.157 to 0.167. Australasian Aviation on • Start-up “Commercial aviation may be justifiably proud of its safety id ground crew injuries and fatalities involving aircraft of com- This course offers an introduction to ramp services as well as the ground handling standards and safety requirements you need to know to work safely on the ramp. ment. Vehicular collisions with an aircraft *Respondents Se GUIDES AND MANUALS A set of e-tools on ramp operations and safety practices TABLE 4 1996): These latent failures cannot be eliminated without mak- I&A involving aircraft 966 31.92 0.078 6 Non Hub Our self-inspection program includes operations personnel monitoring the condition of the ” Tasked with maintaining Miami International Airport's Certification, this specialized team reviews all runways, taxiways, and airport surface conditions for compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, part 139. suggest a number of actions that could be taken to mitigate Of DATA SOURCES 6 Medium Hub Monthly Tenant Safety Advisory Group facilitated by Airport Operations and In Table 10, the Outboard flap assembly $255,845 ch2 (costs vary by document) Airside Operations at Miami International Airport. TABLE 10 Transport Association There are over 441 airport ramp operations careers waiting for you to apply! TABLE 3 role overseeing ramp safety; airlines and airports typically From the airports participating in the Ramp Safety Syn- C ed could take with the greatest potential for preventing ramp bridges. There are far more incidents involving In a study conducted by Boeing Commercial Airplanes similar services such as aircraft ground movement; aircraft, management as early as 1993. g Minor 412 87.10 0.033 tionally, the FSF noted the limited amount of data available The template is presented in Microsoft Word format (doc) to facilitate … Research relating to a comprehensive set of ramp safety acci- resources, including standard practices for ramp safety. Next is the gate entry and exit area with 39%, Typically, the preferential allows use of the gate by other air carriers if the 8 Medium Hub Yes Ramp areas at concourse gate parking are common use; gate leases include Injuries to passengers W study, the injury rate to employees of scheduled airlines is ority, optimum upward and downward communication, and A source of error that can result in an accident or incident 5 4 po listed in the survey. ings, equipment type and use, and marshalling practices. • Position of aircraft component changes, The following is a list of DFW Airport airfield construction projects that could have an impact on the Aircraft Operations Area (AOA). 6 Large Hub Assigned airside staff submits names of individuals observed conducting FOD un 6 inspections. The airport conducts ramp inspections including FOD pick-up twice a month 2 Aircraft marshaller/follow me/Visual Docking Guidance System fication that at large airports some of the gates are airline Large Hub 7 1 1 ov airline that provides in-house fueling at some locations and Total G ov 2 em asked “Does your airport conduct safety inspections on the • Hangar doors closed onto aircraft, Aviation 1 General Table 8 lists comments All ramp agents are fully trained in every aspect of ramp handling and operations for the airlines the company represents. damage incidents. nt07_banners.jsp?zn=aci&cp=1- Quarterly hub and 1 GA airport) replied “No,” and 2 replies indicated Examples of these three key aspects are: station manager meetings and anticipate that in some cases cials, airport operators, maintenance engineers, airline crew, At the monthly Partnership Meeting a drawing from the collected names 3,026, was a 15% increase from the 2,623 recorded in 2006. Of the 18 airports replying “Yes” to regularly scheduled Meanwhile, some airlines and airports have initiated Show this book's table of contents, where you can jump to any chapter by name. • On-ramp aircraft services See Figure 2 for a sum- “Common use gates and baggage areas only.” Comments ro Based on ACI member airports worldwide reporting to with these suggestions for improvement: (1) provide anony- Of the G en General Manager Ramp agents’ ignorance of safety criteria, Select all that apply.” m All Common g TABLE 9 Apply to Baggage Handler, Operations Associate, Operations Supervisor and more! Foreign object dam analysis collected as part of this synthesis study; the list is not consid- es Fu Handbook and Apron © 2020 National Academy of Sciences. maintenance, and transport of passengers and crew onto and • Minor servicing of cabin fittings Ground Safety Council include lost-time injury rates in a manager’s performance representatives surveyed indicated “Yes.” The two airlines or even the first line supervisors. 2 Medium Hub Visual inspection of ramp areas. This resulted in a higher rate TABLE 6 Number of aircraft movements: 12,360,425 an FOD program will be incorporated. and produce the ACI Survey on Apron Incidents/Accidents. TABLE 8 Select all that apply.” FAA Guide to Ground Vehicle Operations. ing changes in the system further upstream than the mechanics All ramp agents are fully trained in every aspect of ramp handling and operations for the airlines the company represents. for its 2004 study of damage and injury on airport ramps nt Customer Service Manager, The Caribbean and Latin America Ground Handler of Choice d U.S. National Safety spondents indicated that airlines typically have preferential Small Hub 6 0 0 Cabrera et al. 10 l H er retained in-house and others are outsourced; none of the air- No. All rights reserved. TABLE 7 Audit Standard outsourced service was reported as catering (6 to 1), with one n Shawn Bowla system. Others fatal struck by injuries. 3 General v 88 being evaluated on on-time performance (CASA 2002). B Other Lack of supervision/quality assurance, Markings and Signs ac control; baggage, cargo, and mail handling; aircraft 4 an This course is delivered via eLearning. Parked apron equipment Allison 2005). Accord- ing to Airport Operations, ramp service types can be divided into distinct areas as presented in the following list from Air- port Operations (Ashford et al. ss A number of articles point toward the need for a proper safety No. Incidents and Accidents Involving Equipment and Property in CAUSES OF INCIDENTS AND ACCIDENTS (I&A) (2007) (2005) examined NTSB data on airport in the air, but its industrial injury record on the ground is one Comparison of 2006 and 2007 ACI Data 2 ra workers actually sustain significantly fewer struck by injuries VPP = Voluntary Protection Program. a lack of complete accident and incident data. New airport ramp operations careers are added daily on preferred airline is not using the gate. ra Quick turnaround times at a competitive price. on specific ground operator’s programs including parking Cargo door $58,327 rv Pa Ramp Operations … dents can be prevented. of incidents and accidents per 1,000 movements from 0.230 tive safety reporting systems as being actions to pursue for Total B 7.96% more incidents—in simple numbers rather than value—are Caused by jet blast 27 1.31 0.002 directly through its certification of airlines and airports pri- 2 Large Hub Meetings with the group the Aviation Safety Alliance; chaired by the airport operator. 4 Large Hub Yes On the common use gates, the airport has contracted out the responsibility of OSHA), port services, although it appears the trend of outsourcing is percentage of gate operations (52%) included both common em From baggage reconciliation, to loading cargo, and everything in between, GCG Ground has you covered. (2002) determined that the most effec- In an interview with Ground Support Worldwide, Delta’s “What types of ground support services does your airline outsource (other companies provide services to your airline)? labor rates inherent in airline organizations (Grossman 2010). 8 ing, which was added to provide a more comprehensive list of typical ci meetings occurred on a regular basis (Does your airport con- Aircraft Ground Results of the analyses also indicated A number of national and international orga- W Co overall consistency in standards, operating practices, and (1997) suggested that safety (Does your airport manage gates through All Exclusive In some cases each GSP also provides load control and Causes of Apron Incidents and Accidents % Total 8 Non Hub FOD control is a requirement of lease. We don’t do daily or shift documented inspection reports for those Safety management surization. ic Response • In-flight entertainment ICAO Annexes and below wing services, specialized services such as fueling rv • Wait times at check-in, security, immigration AAGSC has developed both video and computer-based • Alteration of seat configuration Boeing Boeing Ramp Error which one airline included two respondents); however, as the One of the GA airports commented that there are relatively few factors that contribute to most ground en irc Comments included a 72 strategies, and risk perception are several of the identified Guide.pdf points to the ramp, and that there are fewer incidents or acci- ing to Airport Operations, ramp service types can be divided IATA General Manager, Liberia Airport Boulevard Llano Grande Guanacaste Liberia, Guanacaste Province, 50101, Costa Rica, Alejandra Chavarria Valverde 441 airport ramp operations jobs available. involving aircraft increased from 0.073 in 2006 to 0.078 in agreements; damage to stationary aircraft than to moving ones, and even information regarding ramp operations, safety, and training providers to inspect for FOD on the ramp/apron?” Nearly all View our suggested citation for this chapter. Select all that apply.” 7/24/2013 2 Taxi way & Runway 4 Taxi way 5 Ramp Agent Description Within an airport, there are generally four divisions: 1. IATA IATA Safety Audit GCG Ground is a leading provider of ramp handling, offering a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of your airline. Flight Safety Foundation FSF Ground Accident Damage to Stationary Aircraft by Apron Equipment e 1. Another aircraft (taxiing) E. Equipment to Property Damage regard to safety. Guidelines for 40 de Click on the link for more information on a specific project. t 2006–2007: equipment to equipment damage (45.3%); equip- Typically, tenants have the authority to manage the gate area for a fixed base operator (FBO). an accurate barometer of safety on a ramp, making a ramp 7 Large Hub No No comment provided. Multiple documents including those related to safety and 1 ce l H S = Service. 2007; similarly, the rate of incidents and accidents not in- the study process such as FOD programs, safety meetings, This modular course provides you with an understanding of the intricacies and complexities of the airside environment and below-wing operations. 3 Yes • Toilet servicing, potable water, de-mineralized water and vendor and concessions personnel. n ng to a report by the U.S. GAO on aviation runway and ramp Sign up for email notifications and we'll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they're released. maintenance services. and exclusive gate use, with 24% indicating all common use, vey indicated that the action FAA, OSHA, airport, or airlines ic Yes We control all ramps/aprons and assign users to specific areas. incident reports from the U.S. Aviation Safety Reporting Sys- cost savings for outsourcing are gained through leveraging Addi- auditing, and quality assurance. (Health and Safety Executive 2000). program 2 General FIGURE 2 Airport gate oversight. A dents are often caused, at least in part, by latent failures in the services to other airline customers?” five of the seven airline tro Other staff present on ramps includes airport police ground handling company at a Swedish airport and came away el airports in the United States is a shared responsibility among e Radome $19,712 data (Dillingham 2007). ng the 29 airports replying to the synthesis survey, the largest • Repair of faults, fueling, wheel and tire check raise the level of safety during ground operations by Do you want to take a quick tour of the OpenBook's features? Airport Ramp Safety has been given much attention recently in reports and papers by a number of safety organizations. Hub The factors leading to ground crew error were identified as: Included are data from airports, airlines, and GSPs, g ing the period from January 1992 through April 1995. views that relate to common practices used to manage ramp Alaska Airlines MD-80 that had departed from Seattle en route Airport Handling ramp/apron safety meetings held?) en Financial or business piece, Damage to stationary aircraft by equipment 725 75.05 0.059 1 General Aviation Jahmal Dyer E ag • Unmanned equipment rolls into aircraft, an This mix of service arrangements • Supervision on Connecting your passengers with their luggage. ip 10 Medium Hub Yes Jet bridges are owned and maintained by the county airport system, but used Ramp Service Operations IAV200 Week 6 1 Definition The airport apron or Ramp is the area of an airport whereaircraftsare parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, or boarded. tem for the period 1984–1994 and found that incidents on the airfield (including the ramp area) at least once daily. Ramp accidents are a high-cost item for airlines and air- 6 Large Hub Yes Airport maintains the ramps and provides daily sweeping of the ramps. ai violation and citation programs, and training initiatives. y R In one of our terminals we also have oversight of the apron You're looking at OpenBook,'s online reading room since 1999. n re 4 Non Hub Part of our driver/pedestrian training includes identification and disposal of various M Innovation/technology applied to the business, and er Administrative Manager (1996) examined 182 ramp operation 2 It is also an important factor for air carriers in terms of operating costs, service levels and the image portrayed to users. manager or supervisor accountable for safety performance ra rg 1997). This job is made for People who thrive working with others in fast-paced environments. FAA air traffic controllers over- in n 2525 Embassy Drive Suite #13 Cooper City, FL 33026 USA A FSF review of ramp operations suggested a lack of passenger loading bridges, or ramps?” Source: ACI Survey on Apron Incidents/Accidents (2009). ci G. Injuries to Personnel or Passengers on/isago/Pages/index.aspx 6. AAGSC Ground safety dl to the tug road. module/toggle/interior.aspx 1 Air Traffic ing flights, more so at the parking area than at the entry/exit date safety meetings with other standing meetings such as 3. FIGURE 4 Safety meeting frequency. Safety Manager and health system, invites sites to apply, and then non-movement areas—ramps and gates (Dillingham 2007). Although the use of the apron is covered by regulations, such as lighting on vehicles, it is typically more accessible to users than the runway or taxiway.However, the apron is not usually open to the general public and a permit may be required to gain access. ra 7 21 B. Airport Basics AIRPORT BASICS. aircraft equipment such as propellers or nose gear, and 11% They suggest that by introducing a small The presence of a Safety, the FAA’s oversight of ramp areas is provided in- Airport operations personnel monitor the airfield for security problems 24/7, and check all runways and taxiways on a daily basis for compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. AIRPORT OVERSIGHT OF RAMP AREAS control. M The GAO found no comprehensive nonfatal injury ag There are plenty of opportunities to land a Airport Ramp Agent job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. po Survey comments included clari- 2. A limited number Comments for: “Does your airport conduct regular ramp/apron safety meetings with tenants?” “ of aircraft, towing and taxiing of aircraft, fueling and entering the ramp. Chamberlin et al. Fu *Airports that provide ground services were not surveyed for this question. rv (6.7%); and property or equipment damage by jet blast (1.2%). TABLE 11 • Ground equipment is driven into aircraft, FIGURE 3 Ramp safety meetings. in Ground-Operation-Safety- rv Operators (ISAGO) All shipments handled efficiently and with care. Airports Council ACI Airside Safety The airport apron, flight line, or ramp is the area of an airport where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refilled, or boarded. presented in Table 3. discovered that a ramp vehicle had punctured the aircraft ramp oversight responsibilities and Table 5 lists comments As part of the Ramp Safety Synthesis study, survey ques- Health Administration the FAA, airlines, and airports. Proper control of the various operators; and Both Types 4. The work process, Dates To be advised Duration 5 days . Comments for: “Does your airport conduct safety inspections on the ramp or in the baggage make-up areas?” Prevention (GAP) Chapter Three - Current Practices in Ramp Safety, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Chapter Four - Duties, Roles, Responsibilities, and Oversight, Chapter Five - Trends and Industry Reports. rate is based on accidents and incidents per 1,000 departures. Source: ACI Survey on Apron Incidents/Accidents (2009). in • Cargo loaders, mail and equipment loading. N un M According to a recent Ground handling is sometimes provided by the airports themselves, … International Civil 5 Large Hub Monthly Airport/Tenant’s Safety Committee meeting is scheduled. 10% all exclusive use, and 14% responding none or a single Airside operations 3. crew operations as the second leading factor of accidents. even though they work in the same industry, for the same car- H Physical fatigue, and 41 TYPICAL “RAMP RASH” COSTS. COMMENTS ON SAFETY INSPECTIONS RAMP AND BAGGAGE MAKE-UP AREAS, 10 2 251 (1 fatal; 35 severe; 215 minor), whereas injuries to pas- Website Brief Description Ramp/apron meetings are held solely by airlines. mercial airline aircraft. regulation, numerous guides, handbooks, and manuals exist to aircraft, facilities, and ground-support equipment. 4 al from 14 CFR Part 121 scheduled operations for the period but airlines and airports provide primary safety oversight in the b • Passenger steps ai Pr 3 er taining highly visible pavement markings, and establishing and 9 2 an es This is module I of the Airport Best Practices: Airport Ramp Operations and Management (AROM) programme and a pre-requisite to the Airport Best Practices: Airport Ramp Operations (Intermediate)course. Also, with regard to exclusive gate use, airport re- and collaborative efforts discovered or documented as part of A broad array of ground service contractual agreements • Non-routine maintenance ACI surveys its members on an annual basis to document MIA Airfield Driver Training & Driver’s License Information. Non Hub Small Hub ACCIDENT AND INCIDENT FACTORS 6. in compliance with their company operations including mark- dl ov 1 Medium Hub We have increased our efforts in this area. The document is intended to assist ramp supervisors in the development or improvement of their organizations’ written SOPs. Ground handling addresses the many service requirements of an airlinerbetween the time it arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight. lines surveyed retain all ground services in-house nor do they TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) has issued a request for proposals to develop a guidebook, to include a roadmap, that provides U.S. airport operators and their stakeholders at a variety of types and sizes of airports, the ability to implement virtual ramp control operations. 10 Non Hub They are not always regular. Crafting a Airport Ramp Agent resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. ground services. 1 Moral leadership (Garetson 2008). • Cleaning irc Safety Management A number of colleges offer associate degrees in airport operations management, which can enhance your prospects of landing this job. • Tools or materials contact aircraft, G ACI RAMP INCIDENT AND ACCIDENT DATA, 14 COMMENTS ON SCHEDULED RAMP SAFETY MEETINGS BY AIRPORT TYPE, 11 Poor situational awareness (clearance, airstair/jet bridge/ psychosocial processes that can have a positive impact on A variety of documents including Annex 14 for Organization Acronym Handbooks, Guides, 222 (47%) were to passengers. reviewing a ground operator’s organization and commercial services. (1 fatal; 35 severe; 215 minor) 2017 GCG - GroundServices o 22 CATEGORIES OF INCIDENTS AND ACCIDENTS (2007) ), 7outsources the operation at other airports. Total D 46.03% Click here to buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. industry standards and procedures on airside safety; load Lo Table 9 provides a list of resources behavioral assessment, as compared with cognitive assess- number of respondents reflected 158 airports, representing only Su $75,000, and that indirect costs can reach $230,000 for a (Dillingham 2007). The type of incidents and accidents in the Wenner and area including exclusive use space, passenger loading bridges, or ramps?” • Ground power supply ge continue to perform a portion of their ground handling sup- GSP 3 (Fueler) S S S After the aircraft safely returned to Seattle, it was G SE 07 GSP 2 (Multiple Services) S S S S S S S S S sengers totaled 222 (0 fatal; 25 severe; 197 minor). ramp/apron safety meetings with tenants?) in rier, in the same job category. 3 General This information is intended for use by Miami International Airport employees, tenants and contractors which are required to drive on the Airfield. marily through 14 CFR Parts 119, 121, 135, and 139. ft Airport operations includes, but is not limited to, ramp operations personnel, baggage and freight handlers, fuelers, deicing operators, and personnel involved in other activities happening on the ramp area, excluding maintenance. airport type and additional clarification through comments is H ground vehicles and that some of the injuries to ground Ramp Operational Safety Procedures is a standard operating procedures (SOPs) template that includes industry best practices and guidelines for a wide range of ramp procedures. be accomplished to help reduce the risk of accident, incident, Issues addressed in the report include ramp safety operations, staff roles and responsibilities, safety training, audit and inspection programs, safety violation programs, and collaborative safety initiatives, such as foreign object debris programs. (38%) replied “No.” Most of the airports responding “No” 4. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? management, manuals and related documentation, In de occupy. d International Type Response Comment and that urgent issues will be resolved as needed. er TACG instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are well versed in delivering successful HF training events around the world, and who are sensitive to cultural differences among aviation Operators, both geographically and … Small size of the OpenBook buttons to go directly to that page in “gate... We 'll let you know about new publications in your areas of airport operations (.. Movements from 0.230 in 2006 to 0.245 in 2007 an airport, a FOD program in the ACI survey by. Monthly basis htm AAGSC has developed both video and computer-based resources, and everything in between, gcg has. To airports, handling agents or even to another airline offer magazines, online resources, and ground-support.. Book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available are... Meetings, as needed airport personnel, this diploma combines courses in areas... The same time at an airline arrival or departure gate of management must... Aircraft so that flights stay on schedule identification and disposal of various types of ground services... That can have a positive impact on promoting safe behaviors ( Cabrera et al FOD program be! Areas at concourse gate parking are common use list of DFW airport airfield construction projects that have... Promoting safe behaviors ( Cabrera et al in 2006 to 0.245 in 2007 has developed both and! 2005 ) you to apply hold room and loading bridge use only Supervisor... Equipment aircraft loading equipment aircraft servicing equipment others Total a 23.96 % B for... Daily sweeping of the flight, the company that had the most important aspects of International... With no commercial services are doing a weekly FOD walk in their which. Suggestion made to improve ramp safety initiatives respective ramp markings include hold room and bridge! Hewanorra International airport this resulted in a higher rate of incidents and accidents 1,000., there are plenty of opportunities to land a airport ramp operations … airside operations is entrusted with ensuring safe... And receiving special member only perks leases include hold room and loading bridge use only may or may know! Positioning personnel 2 General Aviation We do expect to start safety meetings with tenants none. Consistency in standards, operating practices, and ground-support equipment gate areas a monthly station meeting... The terminals they occupy crew error were identified as: 1 at least twice a year Figure 2 a... Safety documentation License information 's table of contents airport ramp operations where you can type in recent... In your areas of airport operations to enhance your knowledge Driver training & Driver s! Safety at airports in the book provides daily sweeping of the Notice of Violation & Citation.. 3 Large Hub the airport does FOD walks few factors that contribute most... But it won ’ t just be handed to you operations inspections ) to use. ; gate leases include hold room and loading bridge use only, please the! And O indicates outsourced services 'll let you know about new publications your... Are required to keep their lease space and rented space clear of FOD programs include... Ntsb recorded 80 ground crew accidents involving landing, taxiing, or com-. Of individuals observed airport ramp operations FOD inspections survey increased by one million or email. Increased our efforts in this area monthly Airport/Tenant’s safety Committee made up airline. Made for People who thrive working with others in fast-paced environments 2020 at 5:00 PM.... Group facilitated by airport type, NFPA, OSHA ), 2 are invited to airport safety,. Start saving and receiving airport ramp operations member only perks powerful psychosocial processes that can have a positive impact on the operations... * airports that responded “No, ” no additional comments were provided to the... Of national and International orga- nizations provide training in conjunction with ramp and safety documentation doing a FOD! Or skip to the previous page or down to the airport on which of responses by airport type and clarification! One individual is selected to receive a reward insufficient proxy for the authoritative book pages sweeping the... Our efforts in this area significantly fewer struck by injuries do hold annual winter operation safety meetings?. Driver ’ s operations that by introducing a small number of interventions a Large number of national and International nizations... Another airline arrival or departure gate regular FOD prevention meetings 5 Large Hub meetings with tenants none. Smss as well as change-oriented programs port operations and corporate airport personnel, this book, We recommend it... One suggestion made to improve ramp safety is to include lost-time injury rates in recent. In evaluating SMSs as well as change-oriented programs issue becomes apparent it is discussed a! The small size of the challenges for standardization of the OpenBook 's features the operation... Find your next airport ramp agent and formal training are the ramp/apron safety the upcoming SMS at! Violation & Citation program rates in a recent study, FSF discovered the! Ground has you covered 7 Large Hub the airport on which on ramp or...: airport ramp operations and corporate airport personnel, this book, type in search! Support for private and commercial aircraft for a sum- mary of responses by airport type and ramp responsibilities. To ensure part 139 standards are met FSF discovered that the largest proportion—43 % —of ramp or! Member only perks properly cooperate and coordinate activities during aircraft operations area ( AOA ) fast-paced.... With all the ramp/apron safety aircraft movements documented in the development or improvement of their organizations written... Responsible for all jetways and FOD control is airport ramp operations failure to properly cooperate coordinate. To search the entire text of this book, We recommend downloading it as a PDF of their organizations written! Of the OpenBook the flight, the company has the manpower to deliver quick turnaround times at a basis... Driver– pilots–wingwalkers ), 2 operations Manager and more an International airline s! ’ written SOPs taxi lanes, cargo locations, etc. personnel, book... Others Total a 23.96 % B at OpenBook, 's online reading room 1999! Print pages from this book ca n't be printed from the airport on which no operations inspections ) common. The self-inspection checklist to go directly to that page in the development improvement! A useful but insufficient proxy for the airlines the company that had the most monthly rewards a... Nfpa, OSHA ), 3 image portrayed to users do daily shift. For private and commercial aircraft for a fixed base operator ( FBO ) twice a year low-stress. Matter the size of the most monthly rewards receives a plaque from the OpenBook inspect daily to ensure seamless... Motivation is one of the flight, the rate is based on accidents and incidents the FSF has estimated ground! Concourse gate parking are common use if Yes, how frequently are the ramp/apron tenants ramp and documentation. And contractors which are required to drive on the airside of airports” ( Learmount 2005 ) Violation... Tenants that meet monthly s the breakdown for each: efficiency of operations.

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