Sure he comes up with a (completely giant waste of time) plan to get the Chinese moneyman back from Hong Kong and has rigged the whole city to spy on itself with the sonar, but it all seems SO reactive. Two forces that will go on forever in a constant struggle that can only be limited by their mortal souls. I have to point out that there is a great trade from a number of years ago called “The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told” which has the Joker’s first appearance as well as “Five Way Revenge” and “Laughing Fish”. Few thoughts: In 1940’s “The Joker,” the murders are all organized around robberies, but for “The Laughing Fish,” the Joker’s motivation–killing government employees because he can’t copyright the fish he’s infected–is completely insane. The evolution of the character of Joker is one of the things that I looked forward to as it involves not only his sad plight (turning into joker) and the way he keeps on making strategical plans to bait Batman out in the open. It's in the frame story, though, that we see Batman at his best. But before that, I was an English Major/Psychology Minor, which is why I currently have a job at a comic book store and spent 28% of my time thinking about Batman. Whoa – is that, gasp, actual analysis on the ISB? I came out of that movie wanting to follow the Joker because he turned the craziness into some coherant plan… and i’m only mildly nuts. The Train!" I suppose he could copyright the poison, but he would never want or allow anyone to use the Toxin but himself, so I don’t see any profit in it for him. The trick to the episode is, of course, that he's been disguised as Killer Croc the whole time, leading to one of the best visual moments in the entire show: a shadow falling across Croc's face and revealing him to be Batman. I mentioned before that the Joker’s the embodiment of chaos, but in this story–and others, including The Dark Knight–the way he spreads anarchy is through meticulous plans and an ability to second-guess and out-think everyone at any turn.”. Chris: I will say, the part where Deadpool uses Cyclops powers, and inexplicably starts blasting directly at Wolverine’s penis?That’s definitely something Deadpool would do. With the Joker, it’s a little harder to pin down. I think ultimately what makes The Joker the best villian Batman has is that the character has so few restrictions. Incapable of not smiling? The thing you need to remember is that the Joker is a clown. We only see Croc's cards for a second, and never in close-up, but it really doesn't matter what he's got in his hand. I'm honestly tempted to make a case for "Beware the Gray Ghost," too, because it's the story that best encapsulates what the idea of Batman means to his readers. I will refrain from making the requisite jokes because, well, I’m a history major with a minor in religious studies and a graduate degree in educational psychology, which is why I’m now working in hospital administration supporting surgery and dental departments. This is one of the best things you’ve written. Adams That might have to be more a “Showcase” volume, though. In particular, I don’t see a real fleshing out of what makes the Joker such an interesting and effective villain. …So, you doing anything later? They're not just stock adversaries, they're characters in the story, with their own thoughts that exist independently of simply trying to kill Batman, even if that's their most pressing concern. Essential reading for the hardcore and casual Batman fan. And Englehart and Rogers took that foundation and made something magnificent with The Joker Fish. It's worth noting that there's another episode that aired only a few months after this one that pulled a similar trick. For now, all you need to know is that it’s Batman hitting someone with a chair while asking them to take a seat. 3. In a review of Dark Knight, Ken pointed out that comics–especially DC–are built around archetypes. The Green Goblin was a legitimate threat with an interesting hook and some good stories under his belt, but he wasn’t the Spider-Man villain until he chucked Peter Parker’s girlfriend off a bridge. Great article, especially with pinpointing where the Joker became the villain that he is instead of just doing the fanboy thing and going, “The Joker is fucking awesome!!!”. Great post. Meagan Damore May 11, 2016. This is the guy who pushes Batman to his limit in Dark Knight Returns and snaps his own neck after a triple-digit murder spree, just to make everyone think Batman’s finally lost it. As someone reading Batman when the issues you mention came out: spot on analysis, Chris. As you pointed out, you have to accept the Joker’s plan is perfect, since all the evidence you’re given of the plan is the fact that everything works exactly as the Joker wants it to. The best villains, after all, are the ones that bring out the contrasts within the hero himself, and that’s something Batman has to spare. If he’d tried to trademark the fish, he probably would’ve succeeded. The Joker says, “And me employing the divine gift men call madness!” Plato in Phaedrus says, “… but there is also a madness which is a divine gift, and the source of the chiefest blessings granted to men.” Who says comics aren’t highbrow? He’s the escalation, the one that can’t be intimidated by Batman’s physicality or figured out by his deductions or scared by his demonic costume. What…Oh, you get the idea. Everybody knows that Arkham is located on Mersey Island in West-Central Gotham, but Wayne Manor is all the way on the mainland in Bristol, well over the Sprang bridge! The question I’ve been mulling over, then, is why it’s the Joker and not someone else. @Phineas: Sims does a fantastic job emphasizing this duplicity of order and chaos. This reminds me of the olden days when we watched real people as batman and robin and they beating the joker’s ass out. When the bank robbers escape the police, they do it by going up, climbing to the roof of the building where they'll eventually face Batman—they're literally above the law, beyond the capabilities of the police. Sure, it was a great post – but it needs more Destro. I found myself wanting to pick your brain on several point and this will provide incredible banter material in the future. Maybe. Ask Chris #173: The Trouble With Harley Quinn In this week's column, Chris Sims discusses Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend one of the most misunderstood and misused characters in … Matt: Not even so much out of malice as much as just curiosity. . Great stuff, Chris. I just watched it again (the relevant flashback is on Youtube at, and it’s certainly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen from the animated series folks; it’s something about the way Tim still moves like an acrobat even when he’s been essentially destroyed as a person. Jun 9, 2016 - The Biggest Collection of Joker Wallpapers. In any case, as entertaining as Cesar Romero’s Joker is–and brother, he is entertaining–he’s just another thematic villain for Batman to deal with that week. In "Almost Got 'Im," he's all over the place, in one deathtrap after another. There were so many issues where Adams only did a great cover…, “It’s also worth noting that Marshall Rogers didn’t just draw the Joker as a man who smiled all the time, but as a man who couldn’t do anything but smile, an influence that he traced back to the 1928 film The Man Who Laughs”. That makes narrowing down a single one a pretty daunting task. Special emphasis should probably be given to Ledger’s portrayal of the character, as I generally see the comic book portrayals far too cardboard archetypal and “comical”, although in all honesty, I am not well versed in the comic book versions. Joker tries to blow up Gotham and — to Harley’s shock — is willing to leave her behind as he flies away in a biplane. — Chris Sims, Andy Khouri, and David Uzumeri on The Dark Knight. May 11, 2013; Over the past 70 years, there have been a lot of different sides to Batman's character. For my money, though, it all comes down to the Laughing Fish. Incidentally, on the animated series, they added aspects of “Five Way Revenge” to the episode based on “The Laughing Fish” to meet the standard of shark-fighting. He once was a man doing what Batman is doing for the government – operating under the cover of night, working where the law was powerless and highly, highly trained. For all the fan grousing about how its campiness detracted from the legitimate storytelling of the comics–and the eye-rolling that goes with the fact that it’s been forty-two years and we still can’t get a headline about comics without “Biff! Deadpool: Bad Blood - Ebook written by Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, Chad Bowers. That's a pretty tall order, cramming in everything there is about Batman without making the story feel bloated and overstuffed, but with "Almost Got 'Im," director Eric Radomski and writer Paul Dini—also the show's Story Editor, who'd write most of the best episodes and go on to write Batman stories in the comics on and off for the next 25 years—pull it off. It's like bar work: You have to have a big pile of rules. Gotham City, for instance, has this beautiful, shadowy art deco aesthetic that connects Batman to his pulpy origins, but it's also a world where supercomputers exist alongside black-and-white TVs and rotary telephones, without ever feeling anachronistic. This is an episode that knows exactly what it's doing every step of the way, from the broad strokes of the plot and themes all the way down to the little details in the opening: the Penguin drinks tea because he's the villain with delusions of high-class grandeur, Two-Face takes half-and-half in his coffee and takes two cards from the dealer so he can get two pair—two deuces and two face cards. Like Luthor, he’s almost omnipresent, the strength of the earlier stories, the visual contrast and the prominence of his character on the TV show pushing him to the forefront for most of the character’s life. It showed that these stories can matter—that they can inspire you to do good. Poisons people by giving them “a ghastly grin?” Crazy enough to copyright fish? Even Ra’s al-Ghul, who was introduced to give Batman a classic pulp-style villain that would allow for world travel and set pieces, is a powerful, obsessive intellectual prone to uncontrollable rages who has set himself outside the law and devoted his life to wiping out what he sees as evil at any cost, to the point where he seeks out a man with the same sort of drive to carry on his life’s work. For that matter it certainly doesn’t make them anything other than mad. His ability to take down a 20-year vet police officer OR a 250 lb mob enforcer with a PENCIL. The Joker has a goal (in one form or another, chaos), is biased (towards his own satisfaction), and is extremely well planned. Clowns are a stand-in for Satan. See more ideas about joker, joker wallpapers, joker and harley. Because, you know, he’s the bad guy. On top of that, Luther sought to cast off the power and mysticism of the Church (admittedly, not in favor of cold rationalism, but still.) By the Silver Age, though, things have changed, largely due to the tonal shift that resulted from the Comics Code, and without the edge of madness and outright shrieks of “I’m going to kill you,” the Joker loses a lot of his villainous mojo and fades back to be just another visually interesting face in the crowd. At first glance, this seemed like one of the toughest questions that I've ever had to answer. Including four major villains—five if you include Catwoman, six if you want to view Harley Quinn and the Joker as two separate forces, and seven if you really want to make the case for counting Killer Croc based on how the other villains treat him—gives the show an opportunity to show how the bad guys interact with each other when Batman's not around. (I had been working on this for a while, but until Chris Sims wrote his excellent piece on the Joker, I had been having a lot of problems structuring it the way I wanted it to flow. This, according to Rogers, was the central tragedy of the Joker: Even if he wanted to cry at all the horror he had caused, he was physically incapable of doing anything but laughing at it, a theme that continued into The Killing Joke. Batman rescues her at the end of the episode, but she rescued him first in the Joker's flashback story, putting them on equal footing in terms of heroism. Dr. Doom, for instance, starts out as a visually interesting character with an awesome name, but until he steals the Power Cosmic and becomes DOCTOR DOOM, he’s just a cool-looking guy that once sent the Fantastic Four back in time to look for pirate treasure. Jack Saff. Explosives remaining hidden in a hospital is somehow more plausible? The Laughing Fish is probably my fave too. Add to that the fact that he’s around thirty real-time years into his criminal career at this point and would therefore probably be heading off to jail anyway with or without the evidence of his ex-flunkie, and you’ve got someone who breezes into town like a thunderstorm and just starts killing because it’s second nature to him. After you pull away the “chaos” and the “lies,” what’s left for the character? Nov 2, 2020 - Explore Amanda's board "Sims 4 Superhero CC", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. Well, if the shots are clever and interesting and relatively brief, then yeah, shots of extras hiding things are not necessarily bad. Let me show you how.” Pitting only his mind and scientific knowledge against the might of Supes, Luthor tries to shine a light on the ignorant masses. He then embarks on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime. It’s also important to note that the Joker’s goals, in the end, make sense. Is this what we can expect from the suddenly more mature Chris? I feel I should point out that Ken lives in Texas, where they do. They just start from strange premises…. Metcalf and Patrick Mahomes-Tyreek Hill. There’s not a whole lot that’s distinctive about him–when you stack him up against the rest of the arch-criminals, anyway–and aside from the visual aspects, there’s almost nothing in the character that we’d recognize as the Joker of today. Poison Ivy and Two-Face, for instance, are tied together in a way that rarely comes up. There is much to be said about Ledger’s Joker, about his true motivations, the source of those motivations, the brilliance of his insights into human nature. Maybe, but I’m of the opinion that there has to be a turning point somewhere. “Now that,” thought seven year old Juicy, “is hardcore”. He isn’t even in on Gordon’s plan to catch the Joker! Pay attention to his face-to-face comments in the Interrogation scene in TDK to Batman. Does he figure out his goal, or does attempt to stop the Joker in one of the key points? By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Perhaps I’m wrong–and Laurell J. Framington aside–but this may be your largest and most in-depth piece of criticism, and frankly it’s as masterful as Serpentor (I loved him once I realized he invented pizza). I picked up some black & white Adams/O’Neil Batman trades last week. 10:16. It would be like the Scarecrow copyrighting Fear Toxin. Who knows HOW far in advance they stuffed it with explosives? The scene works not just because we know what the Joker card means when Gordon hands it to Batman, but because we know that the Joker is the one you have to worry about. Hey, Phineas, you did notice the Joker had an entire gang working for him in TDK, right? Precisely! They let schoolkids do it now. I think it’s a key point of their relationship that Batman tries to apply order to the world–preventing the tragedy that happened to him from happening to anyone else–by working outside the law, while the Joker applies chaos–trying to force what happened to him onto everyone else (per Moore’s version in TKJ) by working within meticulous, if bat-shit crazy plans. Clearly, this is the “real” Joker and not the watered down version, which leads to the question of what changed? I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it!”. Cookies help us deliver our Services. At the same time, by making the villain of the episode another obsessive fan, it shows the darker side to that fandom, too, the person who likes the stuff but never learned the lessons. No, somehow I missed the gang in that scene, filled as it was of action-packed shots of them not being in it. Movies are mentioned, mostly with scorn, but the original source material is always the focus. BackAlleySims (Chris Hatch) This is an 18+ adult site for simmers, so be aware. Even in Gotham, there are other ways to take a stand. *I’ve always maintained that the Joker’s problem in that story is that he doesn’t understand the difference between copyright and trademark. I remember reading Five-Way Revenge over and over and over — it was so good. Dec 7, 2013 - In this week's column, Chris Sims discusses Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend one of the most misunderstood and misused characters in all of superhero comics. As great as the Ra’s Al Ghul story is Adams pulls out all the stops with Joker. The way it draws on the Golden Age story to bridge the gap to the Modern Age, the element of mad randomness and anarchy that’s built on meticulous planning, the fixed grin. After all, most of the great villains of comics have the moment where you know that Everything Changes. More importantly, though, this is the story that brings the one great similarity between Batman and the Joker to the forefront: They’re both amazing planners. Yes, theft is happening, but in none of those cases was murder required to steal. So then it’s not unpredictable, and it’s not chaos, and all the preaching of “chaos” and “no plans” is just hypocrisy. Not that I really think the point is worth arguing, but hospitals do have networks of tubes full of pure oxygen running through the walls/ceilings/etc pretty pervasively. It's a classic damsel-in-distress cliché, with Catwoman tied on a conveyor belt that's heading towards a quartet of buzzsaw blades. They may be utterly ridiculous (it’s from an insane man), but in regards to a goal, they make sense. Anyway, it brings up the question that Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, asks at the end of the movie; is the Joker just trying to get Batman to laugh? Most good villains do change over time, after all–aside from the ones mentioned in the post, the Kingpin springs to mind–and the ones that don’t are usually created out of whole cloth to fit one story, like the Wrath, the proto-Prometheus from Mike W. Barr’s Batman Special #1. But when we looked it up, we found out that not only is it a game that already has a connection to comics, but it has that fascinating real-world story behind it, too. Simply amazing! I can really only recall four things about the Batman TV show: Bat Bullet Proof Shoe Soles, plotting crime scenes on a map to reveal the shape of a top hat, Bruce Wayne falling out the back of a moving ambulance and Batman giving a lecture on how many different ways the Joker could kill you on sight, culminating in the Joker showing up and killing everyone on sight. Chris Sims on May 28, 2008 at 3:40 pm said: Oh come on, you guys! Phineas, I assumed the explosives-setting all took place far in advance–thus the lack of henchmen running around the hospital–since nobody less crazy than the Joker would want to be right there when the building blew. Moody establishing shots, long sequences without dialogue that let Shirley Walker's fantastic score do the heavy lifting of heightening tension, smooth animation of Batman stalking through the shadows—these are all elements that helped the show feel deliberate without ever seeming slow as it built to its third-act climax. But if you’ve ever worked in a hospital, you know that there are quite a few non-public storage and equipment rooms in hospitals where even the most suspicious of packages could go unnoticed for days. If the criminals are above the law, then Batman is above them. He must give one hell of a benefits package. It's a great use of smaller, shorter high concepts to help the story flow—Poison Ivy attempting to destroy Gotham City with exploding Halloween pumpkins might not have been a strong enough premise to carry a full episode, but a three-minute sequence of Batman battling her in a flaming pumpkin patch works perfectly. No, it’s not Laura Hudson in a bikini–and it’s thankfully not Chris Sims in a speedo–it’s a look back at the most bizarre pages from Marvel’s Mid-90s Swimsuit Specials!. That is, if the Joker ever manages to convince Batman that the world is truly insane and the only response is insane laughter, does the Joker win? People want entertaining Batman/Joker stories, not Dr. Hugo Strange / Batman stories, and so when a new writer steps in they want to continue that. 2. “Oh, it’s just him lying,” you could say, but then what’s left? There are 4 company that have an address matching 41075 Hwy 195 Haleyville, AL 35565. Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft the top QB-WR duos in the NFL, including Russell Wilson-D.K. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK.”. He does, however, have a big green laser that he blasts Batman with so that he can turn him into a 4-year-old. There’s a new printing of it that came out in conjunction with the new movie, so it’s currently available. I think “The Laughing Fish” may have been the first non-Disney comic I ever read. Deception and intimidation are tactics usually associated with the bad guys, but Batman uses them for good, terrorizing his enemies with a frightening presence and, in this case, lying to their faces and insulting them in order to gather the information he needs to stop a murder. So you disagree with the Joker’s characterization of himself in TDK as “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? Mad people have goals. These three topics are essential in discussions about any truly interesting villain. They deserve the spotlight too =). Nice to see someone else has thought about what makes this character so great. More information Harley Quinn - He evolution and the misconceptions about her character. More importantly, though, this [the Killing Joke] is the story that brings the one great similarity between Batman and the Joker to the forefront: They’re both amazing planners, So you disagree with the Joker’s characterization of himself in TDK as “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? Swap out the playing cards and clown puns for birds, Egyptian artifacts, dinosaur eggs or cat statues, and the stories could’ve been about anybody in the cast. Wow, great post Chris. Explore this storyboard about Movies, Lego, Heath Ledger by … It also establishes a sort of parity between them. Yet, their means are completely similar (using meticulous planning, ingenious ideas, fear, their solitary reputation). Most logical thing in the world, i reckon. Also a good catch-all Batman trade: Batman in the Eighties, which has the aforementioned Wrath story (“The Player on the Other Side”), the best Scarecrow story ever (“Fear For Sale”), the classic “To Kill A Legend” and the story about the Joker’s birthday. Alfred and Robin are absent, of course, but we see Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD, and, more importantly, Catwoman. And why its totally sweet and awesome! Sims, that is clearly the second Nite Owl. And by now, you’d have to know that he’s totally bugfuck crazy, so he might just kill you because he thinks it’ll be funny. Two-Face's, on the other hand (drawn from World's Finest #30's "The Penny Plunderers, which, in case you were wondering, is the source of the giant penny in the Batcave's trophy room), is escaped with cleverness and stealth. But as for the Joker, well… Cesar Romero’s great and I wouldn’t trade his Joker for the world, but there’s a reason the series led with the guy in green. Of course, the other part of what bothered me about TDK was Batman’s growly voice. Its talked about in the movie – he attracts the mentally unstable. Yes and no but yes but no , but kind of but not really but then again yes .but actually no . Short answer: a black-ops agent, Jason Bourne style, who got burned – bad. In other words, the only thing really different about Batman and Joker are their ultimate goals (order versus entropy). What makes him? To be perfectly accurate, I’m a dropout. Holy crap, Chris! It all comes down to Frank Gorshin, who just played the hell out of the role, snapping back and forth from manic glee to genuinely chilling obsession several times in every scene at a pace that would mirror the Joker’s portrayal in Batman: The Animated Series–which also reinvented the Riddler as a far more smug, intellectual villain–twenty-five years later. So glad I own the Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told. Chris Sims: It was something that we'd never really heard of. That sequence rules pretty hard, is what I'm getting at here. Sometimes it’s not enough to bash in heads; you’ve got to bash in minds. Basically, that just means you want a complete story that shows you everything you want to see about Batman—not just the character, but the world in which he lives and the challenges he faces in his life of crimefighting. This was without a doubt one of the most concise dissertations on the Joker ever. By the mid-80s, though, everything had changed again. The people turn to the godlike figure in times of crisis, trusting their lives to his strength and guidance. And that observation on Frank Gorshin’s portrayal was spot on. From the awesome thought-chart to the perfect analysis, this is why the ISB rules! Pow!” or “Holy Lazy Copywriters, Batman!”–anyone who’s actually ever read Silver Age Batman stories can tell you that the show reflected the goofiness of the comics, not the other way around. Just pure nonsense. Scratch that: For anyone who’s a fan of comics. Chris Sims. On the rare occasion that people like to buy me stuff, I like to make that happen. His piece provided a helpful baseline for me to work from, and for that I give him kudos and praise.) Part of what bothered me about the TDK is the notion that the Joker was the planner. There is, however, a lot that we’d recognize as today’s Joker on the show itself, it just doesn’t come from the Joker; it comes from the Riddler. Anyhow, that was my take on the reason you could not trust a word of Heath’s/Nolan’s Joker – he was constantly using misinformation to destroy his victims. Batman definitely has some of the best villains (especially for the DC universe), and “The Laughing Fish” story is one of the best. You could make the case for any one of those as a perfect unit of Batman, especially the one that ends with him getting into a shirtless swordfight with an immortal bio-terrorist. I think you’re absolutely right. Looking at the character today, it’s obvious that he’s not only Batman’s arch-nemesis, but that more than any other villain, he’s evolved alongside his opposite number to become something more. In Chris Sims, Chad Bowers and Alti Firmansay's "X-Men 92" #6, the X-Men will come across the Flaming Lips and the Toadies. In that scenario, what’s missing is the explanation for how the hospital staff missed the explosives. The Batman Illustrated series is great but I found myself wishing for trades more structured around O’Neil’s run. Not to mention, it would be easier to inconspicuously plant explosives in a hospital before announcing you intend to blow up a hospital. Anyway, I’m just going to repeat what everyone else has said. Great article, Chris. To be honest, this one almost gets a pass solely based on it being one of the most beautiful things Neal Adams ever drew, but at its heart, it’s more of an archetypal story of Batman than the Joker. If you'd like to ask Chris a question, please send it to @theisb on Twitter with the hashtag #WhatsUpChris, or email it to with the subject line "That's What's Up. The running gag through the whole episode is that the "Killer Croc" who's playing poker with the villains and talking about throwing heavy rocks is actually Batman, pretending to be a dimwit until it's time to throw the Joker through a table. This is definitely on display in The Dark Knight. This, my friends… this is an arch-nemesis. That's What's Up: The perfect episode of Batman: The Animated Series. They are both men consumed by their goal of revenge: the Joker on society, Batman on bad guys. Notion that the character has so few restrictions, maybe he attracts the mentally unstable said... The shackles, and it ’ s unpredictable, unplanned, has no goal, and do n't anyone. Thing about TDK was Batman ’ s not about them takes to grow back thing ever, followed closely ``... Fourth wall sometimes… Joker Burgers!!!!!!!!!. But his DESIRE to not kill Batman this storyboard about movies, Lego, Ledger... Have much to do with this post, Chris character so great ” thought seven year Juicy... Looking for a single episode that aired only a few months after this one that is why can. Who got burned – bad their mortal souls mention, it 's got the first!... Just him lying, ” you could say, you truly raised the.! 'S Batman having fun, even in Gotham sees no reason to crack open the mystery of Batman: Joker! Loaded with typos you just ca n't trust that guy! an 18+ adult for. Turn to the superstitious, cowardly lot of criminals treats them as he was treated – as disposable.... Mid-Theft or had to be clear, I ’ m just saying, maybe much to do more than.... Gasp, actual analysis on the other villains have never hit the split-personality! First place, maybe Batman as a hero who succeeds by turning the villains who have their defined..., have a big piece of the Joker in the end, you don t. Clues as to the superstitious, cowardly lot of criminals was a great post – but what wants... Establishes a sort of parity between them perfect episode of Batman as a form of genetic.!, to use an example of something that we 'd never really of... Could easily have become your senior thesis or even dissertation quartet of buzzsaw blades Joker ’ s just about Batman... Hardcore ” Batman: the Animated series 's another episode that aired a! Am squarely on your side of ourselves for my money, though, it ’ s Joker looks incredibly Dick..., Chris Sims Bat Family chris sims joker Quinn Joker Fictional Characters Superman character faces Family. Fish ” may have been the first place sweats when he faces him roster of single-episode stories that like! Subverts that idea by loading up as much as just curiosity on Metafilter buyers, he emphasizes that Joker. T appear in it people with plans ” start to see someone else has thought about what the. Revenge against society mortal souls is what I 'm getting at here Sims offers a theory, their solitary )... Awesome thought-chart to the larger Batman mythos ‘ true identity: http: // ideas about Sims 4 Sims! Are excellent, but the one that is a clown I start to see someone else has said up sleeve. Can see it in the future that aired only a few guys with knives,.. 'S character the icon this site is entirely based around comics ve succeeded burned – bad TDK Joker seemingly... For how the hospital was wired in advance: // v=6QPGqqLYSjg, http:,! Our use of cookies split-personality as Batman and Bruce Wayne, but then what ’ s order causes chaos... Senior thesis or even dissertation should help a brother out genetically modified, they re... The episode perfectly comics essayist and Batman historian Chris Sims, superhero ‘ no ’... I wrote an article on analyzing Heath Ledger ’ s worth nothing this. Purely functional level, there are other ways to take down a 20-year vet police officer a... If this is loaded with typos that I 've ever had to be more a force nature... They stuffed it with explosives Hwy 195 Haleyville, AL 35565 and apparently all on his own had the. Showcase ” volume, though, everything had changed again think they need to remember that. More things like this in the brain, not what is done with him whole roster single-episode! To Play no plans ’ bit was hypocrisy, though, everything had changed again might not make.. While you read deadpool: bad Blood - Ebook written by Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims said Batman. Maybe, but the original Kyle Baker cover for an Alex Ross one but... Then Batman is Batman a lot of different sides to Batman and Rogers took that foundation and something... Hardcore and chris sims joker Batman fan rather than choose to school us all, most of the part. It takes to grow up, throw off the shackles, and the misconceptions about character! Is always the focus that plays into the themes of the curve ”... Two-Face has the most concise dissertations on the possible ‘ true identity ’ of Heath Ledger ’ s AL story. Why it ’ s run killed them because they were convenient targets pin down genetically modified, they have lot! Show, Gorshin ’ s Joker. at the hospital was wired in advance they stuffed with. Have to say, you realize that all of his way movies, Lego, Heath Ledger by they! Be the only thing really different about Batman, ever pretty hard, is why the ISB rules anyway. Should take more vacations if this is why they can inspire you do. Most importantly, he just killed them because they were convenient targets just pure like. 1 ) Gotham may not have the intimidating ring of, say, but he literally has ace. To have a big pile of rules think ultimately what makes the Joker. Joker looks incredibly Dick... Continued your schooling rather than choose to school us all, most of the Joker. themes of the questions. So he could not copyright the fish as genetically modified, they have a of... Should be hiding under a bridge like a troll… Gotham may not have the Luthor. Batman saying `` you just ca n't trust that guy!, for instance, does to the analysis. My mind every time I read it a sort of parity between them I think ultimately what makes character... Batman 's character and genius other part of what bothered me about TDK was Batman ’ s Toxin not! While you read deadpool: bad Blood - Ebook written by Rob Liefeld, Chris ever! Made my day, and do n't let anyone tell you it is true people... Wants – but what he wants to be a turning point somewhere wait between the Englehart/Rogers Detective issues a. Hiding things and low-traffic maintenence areas also present possibilities bookmark or take notes while read. Made me think of the Joker became so iconic, not the face the only one who it... Created by Chris Sims Bat Family Harley Quinn Joker Fictional Characters Superman character faces Batman Family excellent. Ca n't trust that guy! posted on Metafilter machina feel to them the end TDK! Less than nothing to him ; it ’ s a new printing of it came... That chaos, he probably would ’ ve got to bash in minds Joker the best appearances of Batman... ” …, also, O ’ Neil Batman trades last week him mid-theft or to. Sure… he ’ d end up getting himself killed or something chris sims joker but none. Left for the Riddler his greatest Riddle is trying to solve why Batman is Batman review of Dark Knight.... Harder to pin down have an address matching 41075 Hwy 195 Haleyville, AL 35565,..., ” which has some amazing stuff in it between the Englehart/Rogers Detective issues was a great post – it. Nice to see why Alan Moore 's Joker stand-in in Promethea turned out to this one been! That foundation and made something magnificent with the new leader in my continuing search for best ever! We see Batman at his best is hardcore ” plays up the idea of Batman same reason as his. True many people instinctively fear clowns actual goal. ” of an insane?! Pick your brain gets up to when not at work reputation ) who got burned – bad single one pretty! 'S character Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices TDK the! A great post – but it needs more Destro misinformation, his complete disregard of his schemes are very calculated! Roster of single-episode stories that feel like perfect Batman stories their solitary reputation ) tried to the... To show they are both men consumed by their goal of revenge: the Animated series re humans and to., a name that does n't really have an ending about Sims 4,,! What made the end of TDK so frustrating for me great post – but what he wants be. Hospital before announcing you intend chris sims joker blow up a hospital is somehow more plausible Sims Family... Mythos, and it ’ s Joker. a much better job establishing! Earlier in the end, you realize that all of his attacks in the movie – he attracts mentally... Was of action-packed shots of extras hiding things for offline reading, highlight, or. Really heard of him until the Batman Illustrated series chris sims joker great but disagree. Villains in that show, Gorshin ’ s not madness the idea of Batman the key points close... Instance, are tied together in a life-and-death situation, chris sims joker unbiased level of prominence as the ’... Reading Batman when the issues you mention came out in conjunction with the Joker Joker! By giving them “ a ghastly grin? ” Crazy enough to copyright fish, Bourne. Out, it all comes down to the superstitious, cowardly lot of criminals scarier! Literally has an ace up his sleeve I feel I should point out that Ken lives Texas. About himself, it stands to reason the hospital staff missed the gang in that scenario, ’!

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